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SERP CTR Booster

  • Organic Search Traffic Network
  • Real Human Keyword Based Visits
  • Influences your SERP CTR at Google
  • Boost your Keywords to Googles Top3

Keyword Booster

  • For Bing, Google, Yandex
  • With a guarantee of success
  • Influences the Google Trends
  • See the result in Webmaster Tools

Web Traffic Booster

  • Get targeted web traffic
  • Get social media web traffic
  • Get Backlink based web traffic
  • Boost MOZ Authority and Alexa Rank

What is SERP24.com ?

SERP24.com is an organic search traffic exchange network. Invented to increase your SERP CTR on Google. It's a a crowd-sourced searching network were website owners can get real human keyword based visits.

Earn cash on visits and/or trading

Become a click member and earn on each finished task. You can then offer the earned points on the SERP exchange to buyers or sell them to our system for a fixed price. And sins we don't sell points, is the demand very high.

Raise Organic CTR’s

Our crowdsourced SERP click network will raise the click through rate of your SERPs. Our organic search traffic system has been specially developed for this purpose.

Reach Google's TOP3 search results

Nearly 60% of all clicks goes to the first 3 search results on Google. Take advantage of our organic search traffic system and get a place in the top3 at Google within a short time.

How does SERP24 work?

Your Keyword will be searched on Google by our click members. They will get paid per click, based on the country of their IP address. We track all clicks through our browser extensions (Compatible Browsers IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge).

Special Features

We also provide Negative SEO for your competitor within the search task. You can raise your Alexa Rank, just choose AlexaToolbar Users. We also provide Backlink Traffic, just choose a URL were you link is on.


SERP Services

Boost SERPs & Ranking

Our system gives you direct control over your SERP CTR's. Furthermore, our organic search traffic also has a possitive influence on your MOZ Authority and Alexa Rank.

Unique traffic services!

You will not find such a unique service again. We are the only provider for high quality organic search traffic on WWW. We have no competition!

Widest Service Range

The organic search traffic network and it's partners, offers the largest service range for different search traffic and ranking traffic opportunities.

Secure Online Network

All services listed on our site are protected through a secure https memberarea. All data and correspondence will not be passed on to third parties.

Only verified Members

All members in our traffic network, are verified and were through a security check. You can be sure that all members are real human and no fakes.

Create an Account

After you logged in, you will be able to place new campaigns, track previous ones or/and start to earn some money or boost your SERP CTR's.



Due to the high demand, we had to temporarily close our system for new registrations. Of course, we would also like to give you the opportunity to improve your SERPs with our system, or to improve your earnings by visiting pages in our organic search traffic network. If you leave us your email address, we'll let you know when we open our system again - to ensure you do not miss it again.

We'll never pass your email on to outsiders, and you won't get any spam from us. That is a guarantee!

At our next opening of the registration, we prefer users from the following countries:

  • USA 3000 from USA
  • Brasil 2000 from Brasil
  • Deutsch 2500 from Germany
  • Russia 2500 from Russia
  • Canada 750 from Canada
  • Japan 500 from Japan
  • Poland 750 from Poland
  • Italy 800 from Italy
  • France 1000 from France
  • Netherlands 300 from Netherlands
  • Ukraine 500 from Ukraine
  • Australia 400 from Australia
  • Norway 350 from Norway
  • Finland 450 from Finland
  • Spain 600 from Spain
  • Denmark 250 from Denmark
  • Turkey 1200 from Turkey
  • UK 900 from UK
  • Portugal 400 from Portugal
  • Sweden 250 from Sweden
  • Austria 250 from Austria

There will only be those free slots. So you better be there, when we open for new registrations!


Contact Info

If you have any query, feedback or proposal, I would really like to hear from you. Please contact at any time and I'll get returned to you within 24 hours.

  • Jörg-Owe Schneppat
  • Meyner Str. 24, 24980 Schafflund, Germany
  • +34602436634
  • schneppat

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